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Welcome to Dance The Spectrum, a resource devoted to helping dance teachers mold dancers into critically-thinking leaders by giving them the opportunity to take charge of their own learning through decision-making and engaging their critical thinking skills.

As a dance teacher for over 15 years, I’ve seen a great number of changes in the motivation and participation of students in my classes.  Many of the changes I see could be reflections from how things work in school system.   I’ve observed that school today is vastly different from when I was a child.  Today students are more often told how to do things, when to do them, and with whom rather than being encouraged to become active decision makers in their own learning.

My approach to teaching dance changed when taking a Methods of Teaching course with Dr. Mark Byra at the University of Wyoming.  The class centered on the teachings of Mosston & Ashworth and their Spectrum of Teaching Styles.  I discovered not just one way to teach dance (by teaching how I was taught) but 9 distinctive styles of teaching!

Mosston & Ashworth asserted that teaching should not revolve around the personality of the teacher (ideosyncratic style).  Rather, teaching should be about giving students the opportunity to take charge of their own learning through decision-making, an inherent part of the Spectrum.

Why the Spectrum of Teaching Styles in Dance?

Most dance teachers teach they way(s) in which they are taught.  They learn to emulate a style, embody it, and then teach it to someone else and the cycle continues for generations.

Mosston & Ashworth’s Spectrum of Teaching Styles, however, offers Dance Teachers an alternative.  Here are just some of the advantages to using the Spectrum in Dance Education:

  • 9 distinct ways in which to instruct
  • Engage students to take responsibility for their own learning
  • Develop critical thinking skills in dance students
  • Embrace student diversity and learning styles
  • Mold students that become independent thinker and leaders in dance

This site is NOT for dance teachers that:

  • Are satisfied with they way in which dance is currently taught
  • Don’t value the importance in fostering the next generation of dance leaders
  • Don’t want to take the time to learn how easy Spectrum Teaching can be
  • Don’t want students to be engaged, active learners
  • Think engaging critical thinking skills in dance is not important

If the above don’t describe you, then you’re in the right place!  With a little planning, and a little help from me (and Mosston & Ashworth of course), you, too can become the next teacher to Dance The Spectrum of Teaching!

Remember, I’m here to help YOU on your journey into the Spectrum!

Yong Pratt